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Our goal is to provide the best possible hockey specific on-ice & off-ice drills while creating a competitive and entertaining environment for youth hockey players. By pushing players to to their limits and keeping the practices fun yet challenging. Creating a competitive environment at our practices/camps helps the players in short/long term in their Hockey career and/or Life carrier. We feel confident that our reputation as an experienced teaching institution and as hockey players will ultimately create better hockey players and better people.


Corby Lange
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The future of sports training and coaching evolving before my eyes. This is more than a video, this is instruction, feedback, coaching, conditioning, accountability, skill coaching, individualized focus for each kid. $20 for over an hour. A win/win! The ability to see around corners and make the curve before the rest of the population. Kudos to his hockey coaches for figuring this out!
Kyle Krawitz
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These kids are lucky to have you!!!! Kole loves doing anything Illo Hockey!! Thank you for elevating his game and making him a better player. Coach Rado and Lukas, you guys rock!
Angie Post
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This was great! So good to see the kids back on the ice & active! Great camp! Thanks for working with these amazing kids!

Train With The Best

MEET THE Coaches

Radoslav Illo

Born and raised in Slovakia where he grew up playing for the national program. As a sixteen-year-old, chose to move to the USA to play junior hockey for Tri City Storm (USHL).

Following his second season in USA, was drafted by the Anaheim Ducks in 2009 NHL Draft (5th Round 136th Overall). The same season earned a spot at the World Junior Championship in Canada (Saskatchewan) lead team Slovakia as captain and also named MVP.


Lukas Kirby

Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Lukas started playing hockey when he was 3 years old. Throughout his career, he mostly played at the AAA level in Kansas City, MO, Omaha, NE, and Des Moines, IA. During his final few years of playing hockey, he was coached and mentored by ex-NHLer Gary Emmons and was named the team captain for the Kansas City Jets. Nowadays, Lukas works closely  with ex-NHLer Radoslav ILLO to pursue his love of hockey by coaching the next generations to come.

Katrina Stewart

Born and raised in Minnesota, Katrina has over 20 years of full-time coaching experience with both Figure Skaters and Hockey players.  

She is a US Figure Skating Gold Medalist and a former Minnesota Skate Figure Skating Champion.  She holds ratings in both Figure Skating and Hockey from the Professional Skaters Association.  

Katrina has been a program director for 12 years and is currently the Hockey Director for the SportQuest Skating Academy in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She is the primary Power Skating and Edge Specialist for the Minneapolis Youth Hockey Association.  

On-ICE Training

 Power Skating

With our figure skating Coach Katrina and European style of skating development we really focus on developing power and speed by creating mechanical advantages in your movements. Having a good skating mechanics allows you to be balanced and utilize the power of relaxation, that allows you to take your game to the next level.

Puck Handling

With our program, we going to help your ability to be comfortable with the puck and make plays, which will drive your on ice confidence and production. Being able to maneuver with the puck in the open ice or in traffic is a skill that everyone can improve upon the right techniques and hockey drills.

Forward - Defense Specific Drills

We focus on effectively using and targeting skills specific to the players position. It is a great way to develop fundamental skills.

Game Like Situations

Game like situations is the number 1 way to improve your hockey IQ. The key element of player development at any level is practicing through simulated game like situation drills. This way of practicing is going to prepare each player, for the moment when the puck drops.

OFF-ICE Training


Tired of Not Scoring? ILLO Hockey Camps Specifically Focus on Our Shooting Program That Will Not Only Improve Your Shoot Accuracy and Quick Powerful Release but Will Also Give You More Confidence to Shoot More Pucks in Games and Score More Goals. Check Out Our Tools We Use for Our Hockey Specific Off-Ice Shooting Program!

Puck Handling

Another Skill That We Have the Ability to Work Off the Ice, So Once You Hit the Ice You Are Comfortable Handling the Puck With Your Head Up. We Use Different Hockey Specific Tools and Techniques for Quick Results.

Off-Ice Conditioning

We Closely Work With the Best and Our Partner Total Hockey Management in Europe Works With Us Closely for Hockey Specific Off-ice Conditioning Program. Using Professional Trainers Will Give You Quicker Improvements to Reach Your Athletic Potential and Be at Top Shape. ( You Can Use : Without the Proper Hockey Capacity and Conditioning Your Brain Cant Function Properly and You Will Not Perform to Your Fullest Capacity or Highest Potential)

Video Review

 How Do You Know You’re Getting Better if You Don’t See It Yourself? We Provide a Video Training Session at Illo Camps for Each Player / Parent So You See the Improvements Along With the Gaps That They Need to Work on.

ONLINE Training

Speed Training

As the game of hockey evolves, the speed of the players continue to get faster and faster. In our Online Training Sessions for Speed Training, our focus is to make sure each player stays light on their feet and pushes themselves to be faster each week so that they will see a difference in their speed/quickness when they get back on the ice.

Hockey Strength Training

We separate strength training in two segments. One allows you to produce force and power; other allows you to properly express that force. Our partner Total Hockey Management (THM) helps us create the right Hockey Specific strength workouts that focuses on building the proper hockey form to produce the most force and power. We focus heavily on building the payers bio-mechanic movements for fast results and to build strength while maintaining great balance and mobility.


Each sport requires a different combination of power (ability to produce force quickly), strength (force production capacity), and endurance (ability to produce energy for an extended period of time). Without the proper hockey technique/conditioning, your brain wont function properly and you will not perform to your fullest potential.

Hockey IQ

How do you know you’re getting better if you don’t see it yourself? We provide video sessions that will involve reviewing game clips to critique and improve players Hockey IQ. Each player will have the opportunity to study the game with USA Hockey certified coaches and hockey pro’s  around the world who will get players mentally prepared for their next game.  


Ages 15,14,13

Ages 12,11,10


Ages 9,8,7





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a little more about Radoslav ILLO

Born in Slovakia where he grew up playing for the National program. As a sixteen-year-old, chose to move to the USA to play junior hockey for Tri City Storm (USHL).

Following his second season in USA, was drafted by the Anaheim Ducks in 2009 NHL Draft (5th Round 136th Overall). Rado earned his spot at the World Junior Championship in Canada (Saskatchewan), lead team Slovakia as captain and also named MVP. In 2009/10 attended USHL All-Star game.

After juniors Illo took the opportunity to play Division I hockey at Bemidji State University in Minnesota where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business. Junior year, Radoslav was named NCAA All-Academic Team. His senior year he led Bemidji State University as one of the captains. He was a reoccurring invitee of many NHL camps during his draft years.

Radoslav spent his professional career both in Europe and North America.

Currently Radoslav Illo is helping young hockey players develop their skills on&off the ice at ILLO Hockey Elite Training as well as working with the Total Hockey Management program in Europe.

Radoslav Illo is currently helping Topeka Pilots as a head scout. His experience and love for the game of hockey helps him bring a huge factor to hockey players and youth development.